Forbes covers repeated failure of Blacklight Power to commercialize and cites Nextbigfuture

Forbes Michael Lynch reviews Blacklight Power as an example of potentially revolutionary energy technology that has failed to deliver on commercialization.

Forbes linked to Nextbigfuture where in 2014 we had updated the claims made by Blacklight Power.

There is a July 29th, 2014 audio interview. Sterling Allan, the host of Greater Things on the Rense Radio Network interviewed Mills for 43 minutes.

5:50 into the interview claims 700 joules released in half a millisecond in ten millionth of liter. Power density 100 billion watts per liter in the form of light

200 times the energy of burning hydrogen from hydrinos

Auger (mechanical system) feeds the fuel droplets into the roller electrodes. 1000 times household current causes the hydrinos to explode.

A very small quantity of highly conductive H2O-based solid fuel powder was loaded in to a hopper and gravity fed into the auger overhead of the rollers that were electrified with about 5V, 15,000A. The high current flow ignited the gravity fed fuel to produce 0.5 ms pulses of brilliant light having power and power densities of one million watts and 100 billion watts per liter, respectively. White light shows that the plasma is the same temperature as the Sun. The optical power can be converted to electricity using commercially available solar cells

The ignition thresholds are 5 V, 15,000 A. The energy to achieve ignition is about 5 J, and the light energy released is over 500 J per ignition. The 500 J is released in 0.5 ms corresponding to an optical power of 1 MW. With an ignition frequency of 2000 Hz, the optical power is at 100% duty cycle and the average ignition power is 5 J X 2000 Hz = 10 kW. Thus, the duty cycle of the 75 kW peak ignition power is 10/75 = 13%. The overall power balance is 10 kW input and 1 MW light output that can be converted conservatively to 400 kW electrical output.

Latest Updates

Dr. Mills’ presentation at the Emerald Investment Forum held in Philadelphia on February 5, 2015

On September 2, 2014 BlackLight Power closed on $5 Million in private equity financing. On July 31, 2014, BlackLight Power closed on $11 Million in private equity financing that was oversubscribed by $1 Million. Both financings were under the same terms.

In March 2015, High-speed (17,791 frames per second) photography of brilliant light-emitting expanding plasma formed from the low voltage, high current detonation of the solid fuel with voltage and current waveforms that show plasma at a time when there was no electrical input power for a fuel having no known energy-releasing chemical reaction. Proof of a new energy source is provided by two otherwise inexplicable observations:

(i) The formation of a high-energy hydrogen plasma in the absence of any input electrical power, the nonexistence of any energy releasing chemistry with this fuel, and the further impossibility of known chemistry of this high energy.

(ii) The emission of soft X-ray radiation at a voltage far less than that of the light energy produced and the inability of any known chemistry to release such high energy.

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