Solar electric sports car design with unlimited daylight hour range

The Immortus is a limited edition bespoke solar electric sports car with on-board storage capacity. Inspired by the world portrayed in post-apocalyptic movies, the Immortus is designed to exhibit a toughness that no other car has: endurance. The ability to run on the power of the sun and store the energy for later use make it a car of practically infinite endurance. As long as the sun shines the Immortus lives…

The Immortus is a quarter ton 40kW composite roadster designed to carry two people with room for hand luggage. Fully laden it can take its 5m (16’5”) by 2m (6’7”) body from 0-100km/hr (62miles/hour) in less than 7 seconds. It has a combined battery and solar range of over 550km at an average of 85km/h and a top speed of over 150 km/h. Depending on certain conditions, it can run on an unlimited range on solar alone at over 60 km/h. The advanced aerodynamics and chassis design allow to to feel and drive like a truly nimble and balanced sports car.

EVX doesn’t expect to sell more than 100 of the Immortus. At an estimated AUD$500,000 (approx. US$370,000) depending on spec, it’s a boutique, high priced technology platform that will only appeal to extremely wealthy early adopters. But the ideas developed through the Immortus project are filtering out into a range of other projects that are much more consumer focused. EVX is looking to raise about US$1.5 million dollars to get the Immortus production ready, and will be taking a scaled-down, remote control version of the Immortus to SEMA in Las Vegas later in the year.

Other specifications include:

· Length 5 m
· Width 2.0 m
· Height 1.1 m
· Centre of Gravity Height 0.6 m
· Wheelbase 2.5 m
· Track 1.9 m
· Total panel area 7m2
· Cell efficiency 22%
· Cell type Silicon
· Battery capacity 10 kWh
· Cell type Lithium
· Peak output 2 x 20 kW
· Nominal output 2 x 1.25 kW
· Motor Type two hub motors (in the rear wheels)

Other EVX products

EVX has identified several innovations which has global commercialisable potential. This includes:

– A hybrid retrofit kit concept ­ enabling current petrol cars, light trucks and fleet vehicles to be converted from being petrol powered to plug­in hybrid. In addition, the kit can increase acceleration after braking turn 2 wheel drive vehicles in all wheel drive.

The kit can potentially cut fuel consumption by over 50 percent in certain driving conditions or be used to boost the acceleration of almost any road vehicle. Or, in the full conversion, eliminate fuel use all together.

– Lightweight air cooled battery box with multi­industry applications.
– Regenerative shock absorber technology ­ recharging batteries from absorbing the bumps on the road with also multi­industry applications.

SOURCES – EVX Ventures, Gizmag