The 2022 Winter Olympics will be near China’s Gobi Desert where there is no snow

2022 the Winter Olympics will be held in the Gobi desert which is a place with no snow. On July 31st the International Olympic Committee awarded the games to Beijing, to be held in the city of Zhangjiakou, 250km (150 miles) north of the capital. The resort beat Almaty in Kazakhstan, the only other remaining city left in the bid. China has many tasks to complete in the next seven years to ready itself. Among them is to make some snow.

When any city is awarded the Olympics, questions quickly follow about the country’s ability to build the appropriate infrastructure in time—and how much it will cost. These cause less anxiety in China. In its bid the country highlighted its prowess at building fancy stadia, zippy high-speed rail and other transport links on time. Beijing has already hosted a successful summer Olympics—making it the first city ever to host both.

China now plans to spend nearly $90m on water-diversion schemes to satisfy Olympic demand

SOURCES – The Economist magazine