Natural Born killers and Robocop predictions that came true

The main movies and TV shows that get analyzed for accurate predictions of the future are usually Star Trek or Minority Report.

Those usually have technology predictions which turn out to be accurate.

Many movies with social or news media predictions have turned out to be accurate.

The movie Natural Born Killers had a reporter following and interviewing two serial killers as they went on a killing spree.

The mass murderers are irresponsibly glorified by the mass media.

Today there was a shooting of a TV reporter and her cameraman. The killer posted a video he took of the killing on Youtube and Twitter. The killer tweeted while being chased by police.

Robocop Prediction – Detroit would be crime-ridden and bankrupt
The movie RoboCop imagined a city ravaged by crime.

The average wait for a police car in Detroit on a high-priority crime was a whopping 58 minutes. The US average response time is 11 minutes.

In RoboCop 2 predicted Detroits future bankruptcy. It is main plot point. On Dec. 3, 2013 judge Steven Rhodes looked at Detroit’s $18.5 billion debt and deemed the city bankrupt — making it the largest municipal bankruptcy in US history

Corporations would be hired when regular police are inadequate

The Oakland Police Department doesn’t have enough manpower to patrol all neighborhoods. The city had to reduce police staff by 200 in 2013. Oakland residents in response are hiring private security.

Some Other Robocop predictions

* Prediction – Robot police would enforce the law

There is use of ground and air robots in law enforcement.

* Facial-recognition technology would become commonplace

Several predictions from Idiocracy

Idiocracy has had several predictions come true.

* Ads everywhere
* Profanity in Ads
* Garbage landslides

Should be accurate media and advertising predictions

If readers can remember or find any movies or TV that predicted crowded news scrolls or the playing of Youtube clips on news channels please put it in the comments.

CNN and other news media play clips from Youtube as a regular part of their content now.
In Taiwan they have lengthy segments with Youtube clips of traffic accidents.

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