US Navy railgun research and progress

The 2015 Navy Expo proceedings for Electromagnetic railguns and solid state lasers is here (42 pages)

The Navy is already working on a railgun that would allow for 10 shots per minute. This “rep rate” version, despite challenges including thermal management in the barrel, is expected to go to sea by FY 2019.

There will be railgun tests in 2016, where about 20 shots will be fired at targets 25-50 miles away.

Once the Navy reaches the higher-powered laser gun and the more operationally useful “rep rate” railgun, the service will have to figure out how to deploy them. Fuller said the Navy just wrapped up a feasibility study on the Zumwalt-class DDG-1000 destroyers, and leadership will be briefed on the results soon. Other studies, including one on the Arleigh Burke-class DDG-51 destroyers, are ongoing.

SOURCE- US Navy 2015 Expo