European Union 5G-Xhaul program to develop 10 gigabit per second cellular data by 2018

Xhaul aims at developing an adaptive, sharable,cost-efficient 5G transport network solution integrating the front haul and backhaul segments of the network. This transport network will flexibly interconnect distributed 5G radio access and core network functions, hosted on in-network cloud nodes,through the implementation of two novel building blocks:

i) A control infrastructure using a unified, abstract network model for control plane integration (Xhaul Control Infrastructure, XCI);

ii) a unified data plane encompassing innovative high-capacity transmission technologies and novel deterministic-latency switch architectures (Xhaul Packet Forwarding Element, XFE).

Xhaul will greatly simplify network operations despite growing techno-logical diversity. It will hence enable system-wide optimization of Quality of Service (QoS) and energy usage as well as network-aware application development

5G-XHaul will use millimeter wave (mmW) modems from Blu Wireless along with fiber optic components in a trial network that aims for less than 1 millisecond latency and up to 10 Gbits/second of data by 2018. The existing wireless network can currently process about 1 Gbit/s.

“Backhaul is a major pain point in [cellular] networks, so with 5G we want to make sure that it is done more efficiently,” said Mark Barrett, chief marketing officer for Blu Wireless.

SOURCES : Xhaul, EEtimes

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