Future US Marines need speed to cover 300 mile battlezone before reaching the beach

The US Office of Naval research had a meeting bringing together leaders in academia, industry and military leaders to discuss technology to impact future amphibious naval operations. The topic of the meeting was “Expeditionary and Irregular Warfare: The Amphibious High Water Speed Challenge.”

Leaders spoke about the urgent need for technology to advance amphibious operations and create a high speed capability to enable the Marine Corps’ concept of operational maneuver from the sea.

Some of the topics highlighted as key areas for short and long-term development opportunities included:

• Hull form and propulsor hydrodynamics
• Powertrain/power generation/fuel efficiency/autonomy
• Survivability/materials/structures
• Human factors/habitability

Fast hydroplaning ships will need triple the engine power of current vehicles.

Why Speed matters :
• Ships enable naval maneuver creating conditions for littoral maneuver
• Speed enable littoral maneuver from distance reducing exposure to ships
• Speed over distance enables maneuver options
• Speed limits exposure of the landing force
• Speed reduces risk and creates opportunity and enhances littoral maneuver

SOURCES – Office of Naval Research