Kratos gets $20 million railgun contract likely for more railgun fire control work

Kratos Defense and Security Solutions a leading National Security Solutions provider, announced today that it has recently received a $20 million electromagnetic railgun program contract award with an approximate two-year period of performance for a United States government customer. DRSS is a leading provider of hardware, products, solutions and support services for technology leading and disruptive National Security programs and initiatives, including electromagnetic railgun, directed and high energy systems, hypersonics and ballistic missile defense.

In 2014, Kratos received a $9 million contract award to support the prototype development of the railgun fire control system and hypervelocity guided projectile. Under the new contract award, KDRSS will design, engineer, manufacture, and deliver prototype projectiles and a fire control system to support at-sea and land demonstrations that are currently scheduled to begin in 2016. Due to customer related and other considerations, no additional information will be provided related to this contract award.

Robert Weaver, Kratos’ Railgun Program Manager, said, ” We are pleased to continue our support of the Railgun Program and look forward to working with the Fire Control and Hypervelocity Projectile Integrated Product Teams to develop and field a railgun weapon system.”