Microtethered Drone never needs to land

The Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance and Communications (PARC) system is designed to provide long term persistent stare capabilities and enable reliable long distance communications. PARC uses CyPhy Works’ patented microfilament system to deliver extreme endurance, increased capabilities, and a smaller logistical footprint. PARC flies itself, so very little user training is required; and when operating the system the user can focus on the data that PARC produces, instead of the system itself.

The PARC system consists of a Ground Control Station (GCS) and a purpose built hexrotor VTOL air vehicle. The PARC vehicle carries a gyro-stabilized, gimbal mounted, EO/IR camera payload. In addition to the camera system, PARC has additional payload capacity for communications devices. If additional payload capacity is required, the camera payload can be removed.

The PARC vehicle can operate at altitudes of up to 500 feet above ground level, or 10,000 feet density altitude. This high altitude capability enables long distance communications and extends visual reach. The microfilament system carries power and Ethernet communication between the GCS and PARC vehicle. Because the microfilament provides a direct connection, communications are secure and reliable.

PARC was launched as a commercial product this month after CyPhy Works received an exemption allowing customers to fly the drone for commercial purposes

The microfilament is impervious to jamming and unaffected by water, power lines, and other possible interferences. The microfilament connects the robot to its Ground Control Station (GCS), so communications can’t be intercepted, spoofed, or otherwise compromised, it added.


CyPhy Works’ microfilament technology sets our flying robots apart. The combination of reliable, consistent, high-speed data and continuous power erases the most formidable problems facing unmanned systems today. Plus, our microfilament is impervious to jamming and unaffected by water, power lines, and other possible interferences And because the microfilament directly connects the robot to its Ground Control Station (GCS), communications can’t be intercepted, spoofed, or otherwise compromised, leading to world-class data security.


It’s a tether in the same way a tank is a “vehicle.” Our microfilament enables free movement and unlimited flight time. And unlike other tethered systems, ours boasts robust command and control, enabling high-quality, full frame rate, unbroken, high-definition video. Our microfilament also contains a strengthening element that can perform the traditional role of a tether, if needed. While it is technically a tether, it’s also so much more.


CyPhy Works’ microfilament is superfine — more like fishing line than typical wire — and it has to be if it’s going to be used with air vehicles. However, small cables normally mean low power throughput, and poor communications. CyPhy Works’ patented system flips that dynamic. We get high power and high-definition communications through a tiny cable. Thanks to novel electronics our thin, lightweight cable enables mobility. Mobility empowers you.


CyPhy Works microfilament is managed differently, depending on the product and its primary mission. PARC is a station-keeping platform, intended to hover in a desired area, or to travel in formation with a ground vehicle on the move. Therefore, its microfilament is actively spooled from a ground unit to keep a constant tension on the microfilament in the face of changing wind conditions. Pocket Flyer is designed to move dynamically through its environment, conducting investigations inside structures. Its microfilament is spooled passively from the vehicle so it has full freedom of motion. This disposable microfilament is not under tension and because it is being played out constantly – it never tangles nor does it break.

Key Benefits

  • EXTREME ENDURANCE – Ground power enables flight durations measured in days, not minutes.
  • SECURE COMMUNICATIONS – Direct connection with GCS can’t be intercepted, jammed, or spoofed
  • HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO – High quality, full frame rate, unbroken, hi-def video
  • NIGHT VISION – Combined EO/IR means no need to swap payloads when lighting changes
  • GYRO STABILIZED CAMERA GIMBAL – Clear video starts with stable video
  • 500 FEET ALTITUDE – See and communicate farther
  • FLEXIBLE POWER INPUT – Connect to generator, grid, vehicle, or other power source.