Rideables and electric scooters

The Solowheel takes some time to learn but it won the Wired rideable review. However, the Wired reviewer would not commute with any of these handsfree scooters.

The reviewers at Slate had a lot more trouble and never got over the learning curve. The reviewers at Slate really enjoyed folding electric scooters. However, electric scooters and electric bikes are not street legal in New York. However, electric scooters and electric bike are permitted in California.

Solowheel motor is made from the world’s leading N45 magnet and 270 stator material. Its operating power is increased by 50% in comparison to the previous generation, achieving a maximum output of 1800W. In addition to being powerful, the motor is designed to be quiet and energy-efficient.

Solowheel uses the highest-quality batteries available. The intelligent battery management system independently controls the working status of every battery cell and ensures safe, stable and efficient performance.

Two wheel electric scooters

2-Wheel Self-Balancing Electric Scooter – aka. Monorover R2, Chic Smart, IO Hawk, PhukeeDuck, Mini-segway, Hoverboard, Swegway, AirBoard, Airwheel, Drifting Board, IO Hawk, Hyperwalk

They weigh about 22 lbs (10 kg) and can transport a person up to 240 lbs (110 kg)

Various electric scooters with handles

Some electric scooters with handles up to 20 mph with 20 mile range.

Folding electric scooters

The Urb-E costs about $1500.

Urb-E has a range of about 20 miles. Traveling up steep inclines will take more energy out of the battery, and is not recommended. Factors such as road surface, wind resistance and weight of the rider can also affect the URB-E’s range.

An URB-E’s top speed on a level surface is 15 mph. However, speed can be affected by rider weight, road conditions, etc.

An URB-E weighs approximately 35 lbs due to its lightweight technology.

Maximum weight of 250 pounds (113 kilograms)

It has an efficient 250 watt brushless motor and 36v lithium-ion battery

The Stigo should go on sale in some European countries soon for about 2000 euros (about $2300).

  • Speeds up to 25 km/h
  • Weighs 13.5 kg
  • Folds up in 2 seconds with footprint a mere 45×40 cm
  • 250W hub motor
  • 36V Lithium-Ion battery