Tallest building could be in Basra, Iraq with vertical city Bride tower in 2025

AMBS Architects were commissioned with a highly confidential project — due to security reasons until recently — in basra, iraq. Basra has most of iraq’s oil reserves, the province is becoming one of the fastest-growing business centres in the world (and most precious per square meter). The new downtown master plan was assigned by the basra governorate with an aim of maximizing the city’s capacity by 2025. avoiding urban sprawl was the top priority in order to protect the environment, thus posing the preference to build vertically, rather than outwards. the scheme for the downtown area will feature a one of a kind landmark to match its importance called ‘the bride’ tower.

project name: the bride vertical city
location: basra, iraq
dates: 2014 – ongoing
size: 1,550,000 sqm (top ten in floor space, with 2.5 times more space than the Pentagon)
services provided: architectural design