China’s Type 022 catamaran missile boats

China has catamaran hull missile boat called the Type 022 Houbei class. The first boat was launched in April 2004. The boats incorporate stealth features and are based on an Australian-designed wave-piercing catamaran hulls that are more stable than other fast missile craft in high sea conditions. Approximately 83 of these missile boats are currently in service with three flotillas having been produced over a span of seven years.

The Type 022 Houbei PCFG appears to be building at a rate of about 10 units per year.

The ships are 20 long tons (224 t) full load and are 42 meters long.

They have a top speed of 36 knots

80 of the ships would be able to launch 640 missiles. (8 a piece)

Cost estimates vary from $14.3 million to $50 million. China could make 260-800 for the cost of one $13 billion aircraft carrier.

SOURCES – wikipedia, Global Security

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