Elon Musk says robotic cars safer than human drivers will be ready in 2017

In October, Elon Musk said that fully autonomous cars are about 3 years away, a prediction he made several times in the past year or so. But just two months later Elon Musk updated his prediction to just 2 years. Elon Musk said the self driving cars will have lower probability of an accident than having a person drive.

For commercial availability, he predicts regulations could take between 1 to 5 years depending on the jurisdiction. But just like it is the case for Tesla’s current generation of Autopilot, the company will likely include the technology in all vehicles for it to be enabled via a software update once ready.

Musk also revealed that a “major announcement” is coming regarding a Tesla Autopilot update. We recently revealed that Tesla started testing the version 7.1 of its software, which will include UI improvements, a new self-parking feature, ‘Driver Mode’ and Autopilot restrictions. The CEO had previously mentioned that self-driving on private propriety, in order to allow the Model S to park itself in the garage for example, would be included in v7.1, but it wasn’t in the build released to testers. The announcement could possibly have something to do with this anticipated feature.

Elon Musk shares his predictions for the future, artificial intelligence, and space exploration with Steve Jurvetson at Stanford’s Future Fest conference.

00:00. Long introductions
06:15. Our current version of the future
09:56. Advices to younger self
12:34. Early days of the Internet
17:55. SpaceX and reigniting the Dream of Apollo
21:13. Grand vision and purposed driven companies
27:45. Looking at 2035 – Artificial Intelligence, etc
37:02. Learning from failures (SpaceX latest explosion)
43:08. Balancing form and functionality – fixing imperfections.
48:45. Colonising and governing Mars
56:50. Usefulness optimisation of the world