Israel requested Squadron of F15 silent eagles with increased air launch weapons and conformal fuel tanks

Israel has requested a squadron of the latest F15 Silent Eagle-standard aircraft. They would also be equipped with Israeli-developed systems. Enhancements introduced with the advanced strike asset include the ability to carry an increased number of air-launched weapons and the addition of conformal fuel tanks for extended-range performance.

The F-15SE concept included conforming internal weapons bays, V-shaped tails, radar baffles over its engine-fan faces, radar absorbent coatings, along with other enhancements used to lower the jet’s radar signature, especially from the forward hemisphere. It also would feature many of the options found on the latest F-15 Strike Eagle derivatives today, including fly-by-wire controls, a wide-screen cockpit, updated electronic warfare and radar warning systems, an infrared search and track system (IRST) and the most powerful fighter-based AESA radar in the world.

An F-15SE could be outfitted in a stealthy configuration with conforming weapons bays for “first days of war” operations. Once the enemy’s air defense have been degraded, the jet can be quickly reconfigured to the hard-hitting enhanced Strike Eagle configuration with many external stores configurations. This flexibility is an enticing capability mix for what is already a highly proven and low-risk platform.

F15 Strike Eagle