Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE has been extended to early 2017

The Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE is a $10 million global competition to stimulate innovation and integration of precision diagnostic technologies, helping consumers make their own reliable health diagnoses anywhere, anytime.

XPRIZE announced the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE has been officially extended through early 2017, providing the seven finalist teams with additional time to make adjustments to their tricorder devices to ensure they can succeed in the competition.

The Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE is challenging teams to develop a radical innovation in health care that turns science fiction into reality. What makes the tricorders being developed in this competition different is that no one else in the world is working toward a portable, wireless device that can diagnose a myriad of conditions, plus continuously monitors five vital signs – something that has never been done before.

The accomplishments the teams have made so far in this competition are nothing short of remarkable; the prototypes they delivered are perhaps some of the most intricate diagnostic devices under development today and have the potential to change the way health care is delivered. Because of the advanced level of technology required to achieve success in this competition, and to ensure the finalists have enough time to refine their tricorders, we decided to add a second phase of consumer testing and extend the competition.

They have modified some parameters of the competition and implemented some interim required steps before the next phase of consumer testing. Here is a snapshot of the revised guidelines and timeline:

  • The number of conditions the tricorders are expected to diagnose was decreased from 16 to 13, eliminating the requirements to detect TB, Hepatitis A and stroke. (You can see the full list of required conditions here.) We did this to keep pace with current epidemiology, as well as to reduce risk of contagion to the testers.
  • The teams will deliver at least 30 new prototypes once they accomplish additional steps. The deadline for these prototypes will be set early next year.
  • The next phase of consumer testing will begin in September 2016
  • Winners will be announced in early 2017.

This new schedule will allow us to support the teams as they further perfect their tricorders, and will ensure their prototypes are tested and viable before they enter the final phase of the competition.