Secretive Data-analytics company Palantir Technologies gets $880 million in funding round with a $20 billion valuation

Data-analytics company Palantir Technologies enables large institutions to integrate and analyze information from databases that may be scattered across countries, and even continents, into a single platform. Palantir has helped soldiers search for patterns in the placement of roadside bombs; government regulators investigate accounting fraud; and pharmaceutical researchers hunt for blockbuster new drugs.

Palantir Intelligence is a complete, proven solution that is used throughout the intelligence community to efficiently, effectively, and securely exploit and analyze data, leading to more informed operational planning and strategic decision-making.

As the threat of cyber attacks grows, so too does the scale of data collected that could inform organizations that are most at risk. Palantir Gotham helps institutions across different industries handle petabytes of data, protect their most sensitive information, detect both internal and external threats, respond quickly to attacks, and harden themselves against future cyber attacks.

Palantir enables health payers to integrate the disparate and expansive data they already have—as well as valuable open-source data—to better analyze and understand their markets, member populations, and provider networks at any level of detail or segmentation.

With a fully-integrated view of all available data, Palantir can provide a secure point of access for complex, collaborative analysis, help payers understand and mitigate risk, match member populations with better care from the most effective providers, and optimize strategies for interventions and outreach.

Secretive software company Palantir Technologies raised nearly $880 million in a new funding round. The investment round came with a valuation of approximately $20 billion, according to US media reports.

The California company specializes in data analysis and counts among early investors an In-Q-Tel venture capital firm that focuses on “innovative technology solutions to support the missions of the Central Intelligence Agency and broader US Intelligence Community.”

The privately held firm’s services are used for financial fraud investigations as well as in counterterrorism efforts.