Clothes Folding Robot

Laundroid is the world’s first laundry-folding robot. It is made by Japan-based Seven Dreamers. Laundroid is about the size of a refrigerator; you throw your crumpled clothes in a bottom bin like a pull-out freezer, and they’re moved up to shelves neatly folded. The robot uses image-recognition algorithms to tell what kind of clothing it’s handling and to fold it appropriately, Seven Dreamers CEO Shin Sakane said. It takes between 3-10 minutes to fold one piece of laundry at the moment.

If you do your own laundry. You can expect to spend 18,000 hours of your life doing laundry.

Improved image recognition and robotics have enabled this appliance.

Seven Dreamers will have a working model at CES in 2017, has a deal to potentially start including it with Panasonic washers and dryers in 2018, and may build it into new homes in Japan by 2020.

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  1. Yes, indeed, such a robot for folding laundry would be very convenient for me, since I recently bought a lot of T-shirts and hoodies with a custom print. it would be a shame if all the prints on the T-shirts were crumpled. If you are interested to know where I got so much, then see this . I think it will be interesting for you to try to do it yourself.

  2. It's probably pretty useful. In any case, this will definitely save time and facilitate the work of consultants in clothing stores, because there are always a huge number of buyers there.

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