Detailed projections of World GDP from now to 2020

Knoema has put together the IMF, EIU, UN, OECD and other GDP projections for the top 20 world economies.

Wikipedia has the IMF projections for nominal GDP and PPP GDP.

From now to 2020, slower growth developed countries those countries like France and Germany with 1.3 to 1.9% annual real GDP growth will lose ground to the USA (2.0-2.8% real GDP growth). Italy will really lag with about 1% annual real GDP growth. Japan could be really terrible with about 0.7% growth or could come in with just slow growth at 1.3% per year. Canada, Australia and the UK should be at the US level of growth or a little better. South Korea will move up with about 3.5% real GDP growth each year.

For developing countries, India and Indonesia should do well with 6-7% and possibly 8% real GDP growth.

Purchasing power parity rankings

China will get a quite a bit bigger the USA in PPP GDP terms. However, India is already almost double the size of Japan in PPP terms and will become triple its size. In per capita PPP terms, China will be moving from the level of Brazil and towards the level of Argentina and Chile in about 2025.