Elon Musk on the twin revolutions of electrification and autonomous driving cars

In a BBC interview Elon Musk said [at about 5:20], “Every year, [Tesla Automotive] is doubling our total cumulative production. At the beginning of last year, we had 50,000 cars in total on the roads worldwide. And then last year we produced another 50,000 cars, so the total fleet of Tesla vehicles doubled last year, and will approximately double again this year.”

Elon is guiding ~100,000 Tesla sales in 2016.

* Sustainable energy production with electric cars will be sustainable transport future.
* Telsa could accelerate that transition by a decade or more
* the model 3 is on track for production by the end of 2017
* Elon sees an S curve adoption rate for electric cars
* Telsa Model S was the best selling car in its luxury sedan segment

The two biggest revolutions for cars now are electrification and autonomy. The biggest innovations since the moving production line.

Owning a car that is not autonomous will become like owning a horse. It will be done for sentimental reasons.

Self driving cars are narrow AI and it is essentially a solved problem.

Once the self driving cars are ten times safer than human drivers there will be no more debate.