India should freeze the design for a larger fourth aircraft carrier by the end of this year

India has two active aircraft carriers now, with a third under construction and they are finalizing the design for a 65,000 ton fourth aircraft carrier

India’s aircraft carriers

INS Viraat: 28,700 tons, Centaur class carrier (ex-HMS Hermes) in service since 1987.
INS Vikramaditya : 45,400 tons, Modified Kiev class carrier (ex-Admiral Gorshkov), in service with India since 2013.

INS Vikrant: 40,000 tons, Vikrant class carrier. It is being built at Cochin Shipyard and is expected to enter service in 2018.

INS Vishal: 65,000 tons, Vikrant-class carrier. Yet to start, planned to enter service in 2025. It may be nuclear powered

INS Vishal will be capable of carrying over 50 aircraft.