Russia opts for next generation diesel electric sumbarines

Russia decided not to build Lada-class diesel-electric submarines (Project 677) and spend the funds on the fifth generation Kalina-class diesel electric submariness, a senior Russian Navy’s official said Tuesday.

The new submarines will be equipped with anaerobic (air-independent) power units. Their construction is expected to be launched after 2020.

Air-independent, closed cycle submarines, which usually use hydrogen-oxygen fuel cells, are quieter than conventional diesel-electric boats and do not have to surface or use snorkel tubes to breathe air, thereby exposing themselves to detection by radar and other sensors.

Several years ago Rear Admiral Shlemov in charge of naval shipbuilding expanded on this, highlighting that this new type submarine would have a displacement of 5,000–6,000 tons. This new, smaller submarine’s main mission would be the protection of the DOLGORUKIY Class SSBN, allowing the multi-mission SEVERODVINSK to perform other navy missions

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