Ultraresponsive touch devices up to 100 inches on diagonal in size enables new applications

Cima NanoTech, a developer and manufacturer of transparent conductive film solutions, is has large ultra responsive large touch screens.

SANTE® ProTouch™ module is the industry’s first high performance projected capacitive (pro-cap) solution for large format touch screens that can be mass-produced in high volumes. With ultra fast response and excellent touch performance, this module enables an exceptionally intuitive multi-touch, multi-user experience for a wide array of applications such as interactive digital signage, kiosks, vending machines, tabletops and whiteboards. The company’s patented SANTE technology allows manufacturers to produce highly customizable touch displays with a significantly lower cost structure.

Key Features and Benefits of SANTE ProTouch Module:

  • Ultra fast response time with a scan rate of up to 120Hz (6ms) for a more intuitive and interactive experience
  • True multi-touch capabilities of up to 32-points for greater interactivity and better collaboration
  • Edge-to-edge cover lens for enhanced aesthetics and ease of maintenance
  • Narrow bezel of 20mm to enhance visual appeal

65-inch Interactive Whiteboard
55-inch Interactive Digital Signage
40-inch Interactive Tabletop
40-inch Interactive Digital Signage

Email interview with Nextbigfuture

So how is this superior to surface Table and other touch devices?

In terms of performance, our touch modules deliver better performance in terms of speed and accuracy than you would get from your phone or tablet, but at sizes up to 100”. So we enable products that encourage creativity, collaboration and interactivity on a whole new level.

What is the cost relative to the competing touch devices?

Thanks to our joint venture with Foxconn, we are able to mass produce touch modules very cost competitively and so for our customers, this translates into the ability to deliver unique high performance products that are affordable. We have the industry’s first vertically-integrated supply chain for large format touch modules. This means we have full control over materials, costs, processes, and quality.

How does the increased speed and accuracy translate into applications that are not possible with lower resolution or slower response?

Having faster response and better performance in large touch devices compared to the less responsive IR technology on the market today means a totally different experience for the users. This heightened experience will open up an increased demand in general for large touch devices, and we will see them become much more commonly used throughout the retail, hospitality, food and beverage industries etc.

Customers’ preference for touch interfaces will lead to the integration of touch functionality in common home and work devices and appliances as well. Consumer applications such as interactive tabletops, mirrors, smart home, and IoT (Internet of Things) devices are not only possible, but also starting to gain traction in product development circles. Imagine a coffee table that displays a digital collage of family photos that can be resized and reorganized with the swipe of a finger.

Are there new video games?

The size and true multi-touch nature of our technology means that several players can interact and play simultaneously, which brings a new dimension of interactivity to playing all the old favourites. In terms of new multi-touch applications specifically developed for gaming there is a lot of opportunity for developers to create more dynamic software, and in the coming year we expect to see more advancements.

Walmart has 50″ TVs for $339. How much would a touch enabled version be?

The cost of modules sold to our customers would depend on a number of factors – including volume, level of customization, etc. and the price of a finished device would depend on the pricing strategy of that particular customer. We are incredibly cost competitive which enables our customers to deliver products which are high performance yet very affordable. With this affordability comes the opportunity for large touch devices to open up new markets and product categories so we are excited about what this means for the consumer market and expect to see new, novel touch devices emerging for the home.