World GDP rankings in 2031

The U.K.-based Centre for Economics and Business Research has their latest 16 year global nominal exchange rate GDP projections out to 2031.

Currently on a nominal exchange rate basis countries are ranked as follows

1. USA $18 trillion
2. China $11.4 trillion
3. Japan $4.1 trillion
4. Germany $3.3 trillion
5. UK $3.0 trillion
6. France $2.4 trillion
7. India $2.1 trillion
8. Italy $1.8 trillion
9. Brazil $1.8 trillion
10. Canada $1.56 trillion
11. South Korea $1.39 trillion

2031 CEBR Predictions

USA and China will each have about $35 trillion. China is now expected to pass the USA in about 2029.
However, any significant 25% surge in China’s currency could put China into the number one position by about 2022.

India should be in third place by itself with about $10-11 trillion. India will be one third of the US or China economies but double Japan.

Japan, Germany and the UK should have about $5 trillion each.

South Korea, Brazil and France should be in the $3.5 trillion range.

Canada, Indonesia, Mexico, Italy and Russia should be in the $2.4 to 2.7 trillion range.

South Korea and India should move up. European countries other than UK are expected to weaken.

Most forecasters expect Brazil to have a hard time for a number of years because of bad governance.