Mile high skyscraper proposed for Tokyo would be twice as tall as Burj Khalifa

A super-tall building is set to reach a height of 5,577ft and host up to 55,000 people in Tokyo bay, an inlet southeast of the Japanese capital.

If the plans are accepted – the ‘Sky Mile Tower’ would be surrounded by a series of man-made hexagonal islands, Architectural Digest reports.

These islands are designed to protect Tokyo from flooding and act as foundation for homes for around half a million people.

In Japan, officials decided to launch an initiative called “Next Tokyo,” where architects would create a futuristic mega-city that is adapted to climate change in the year 2045. Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates and Leslie E. Robertson Associates joined forces to propose a vision for a new city in Tokyo Bay. Their design incorporates elements that improve the bay’s preparedness for natural disasters (such as earthquakes and typhoons) as well as a mile-high residential tower and a public-transportation-friendly district. The water development’s hexagonal-shaped structures, ranging from 500 to 5,000 feet in width, were imagined in layers to minimize the effects of intense waves from the bay, while also allowing ships easy access in and out of the busy harbor.

SOURCES – Independent UK, Architectural Digest