Crowdfunding project aims to give children in developing world an AI-enhanced tablet

Artificial Intelligence researcher Ben Goertzel has launched a crowdfunding effort on indiegogo to develop an AI teaching tablet for children in developing countries. The project, called the YaNetu AI Teaching Tablet aims to create a tablet computer that will use advanced AI techniques to assist schoolchildren in the developing world in learning basic skills. Goertzel is the father of the open source OpenCOG software program, which has the ultimate aim of developing human-level AI intelligence. The tablet will teach children in the Amharic language, will be solar powered, and will be able to provide each student with individualized lessons.

The project aims to raise $90,000 to hire researchers to develop the necessary software, which will be coupled to a generic tablet and OpenCog software. Individuals who donate $250 will receive a YaNetu teaching tablet. Contributions to this project will be doubly effective since it will support education in rural Africa as well as the development of OpenCog software, which is 100% open source.