Extra long M777A2 howitzer will have 70 kilometer range instead of 30 kilometers

Picatinny Arsenal engineers have been working to create a longer, newly modified M777A2 howitzer that has the potential to double the range of current M777 artillery systems. Charged with developing technology to extend the range of all 155mm artillery, the Extended Range Cannon Artillery (ERCA) project is funded by science and technology office at the US Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center.

The ERCA program evaluates the introduction of a longer barrel, developed for the XM907 Common Cannon Assembly Support system, as well as the XM1113 rocket assisted projectile and XM654 supercharge, an autoloader and new fire control system.

The M777 can shoot about 30 kilometers, but once all of the upgrades are complete the M777A2 will be able to shoot about 70 kilometers

The newly modified M777A2 howitzer has the potential to double the system’s current artillery range. Benet Labs designed the tube and Picatinny designed all of the carriage modifications. Photo by Erin Usawicz.

SOURCE – Defense Update