Fifth generation russian sub will combine strategic nuclear and multi-purpose qualities

The fifth-generation Husky-class nuclear-powered submarine will be maximally standardized to combine the qualities of multi-purpose and strategic nuclear submarines said Alexei Rakhmanov, President of the United Ship-building Corporation.

The new submarine, according to Rakhamov, “will be distinguished by its weapons,” but the United Ship-building Corporations is tasked to achieve a maximum unitized solution to “have the best price offer for the defense ministry.”

According to earlier reports, the preliminary design of the fifth-generation Husky-class nuclear-powered submarine will be worked out within two years. The fifth-generation multipurpose nuclear-powered submarine is being developed by the Malakhit Design Bureau in St. Petersburg in northwest Russia. A series of fourth-generation Project 885 Yasen-class submarines armed with missiles and torpedoes is currently under construction in Russia.

New weapons for the fifth generation submarine include hypersonic missiles.


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