NASA and US Airforce projects to transform aviation with hypersonic and superefficient planes

NASA has several projects aimed at transforming aviation.

• Thrust 1 – Safe, Efficient Growth in Global Operations
– Transition from Terminal Area optimization to Gate-to Gate TBO
• Thrust 2 – Innovation in Commercial Supersonic Aircraft
– Initiate Low Boom Flight Demonstrator Project
• Thrust 3 – Ultra Efficient Commercial Vehicles
– Initiate planning for Flight Demonstration of N+2 / N+3 configurations and technologies
– Develop plans for research and ground demonstration of small core engine technologies
– Develop plans for research and technology development for flex fuel combustors that operate at higher alternative fuel fractions. In addition, planning should anticipate supporting the community with additional alternative fuel characterization tests
– Develop plans to fully implement CFD 2030
• Thrust 4 – Transition to Low Carbon Propulsion
– Develop baseline plans for hybrid-electric propulsion research and development, consistent with Thrust 4 roadmapping, including technical challenges that utilize research results from small-scale demos, such as SCEPTOR
• Thrust 5 – Real-Time System-Wide Safety Assurance
– Develop a comprehensive assessment of ARMD’s Verification and Validation (V and V) efforts
– Develop initial, focused TCs and funding requirements to implement the Thrust 5 roadmap
• Thrust 6 – Assured Autonomy for Aviation Transformation
– Develop a cohesive framework and strategy for achieving full integration of UAS into the NAS (AOSP and IASP)
– Develop initial, focused TCs and funding requirements (beyond current funded UAS TCs) to implement the Thrust 6 roadmap

– NASA will also establish the Hypersonics Technology Project. NASA will balance investments that support and leverage the work of the Department of Defense (DoD) with investments in fundamental hypersonics research.
– The project objective is to advance and utilize analytical tools, test techniques and capabilities, and critical technologies to ensure U.S. supremacy in hypersonics for future national needs.
– The project will work with the DoD to develop a National Hypersonic Strategy (requested by OMB and OSTP). NASA’s investment will be informed by and aligned to the National Strategy.