US Army 2025-2040 will be shaped by leap forward technology

“Shaping the Army Network: 2025-2040,” is a guiding document to provoke thought and a means to inform and shape research, development and experimentation to ensure that the US Army maintains a technology edge in future conflict.

The five main focus areas are

  1. dynamic transport, computing and edge sensors,
  2. data to decisive action,
  3. human cognitive enhancement,
  4. robotics and autonomous operations
  5. cybersecurity and resiliency.

They are leveraging the capabilities of the Internet of Things, software-defined networks, advanced analytics, diverse sensors and actuators and self-healing networks.

Basically they desire a global mesh network that connects every soldier and all their devices with intuitive ease of use and automation that anticipates what information and communication is needed.

The US army of 2040 will be a dynamic global hive mind directing a global combat force.