Eight of the top 12 smartphone makers are from China and world number three Huawei claims it will pass Apple in 2018 and Samsung by 2021

The smartphone market is maturing

Samsung and Apple, are each forecast to show a slight decline in smartphone shipments this year.

Three companies are expected to drop out of the top 12 ranking this year as compared to 2015—Japan-based Sony, U.S.-based Microsoft, and China-based Coolpad. These three companies saw their 1Q16 sales of smartphones drop to 3.4, 2.3, and 4.0 million, respectively. Although Microsoft announced it intends to sell its non-smartphone business later this year, its early 2016 Lumia smartphones shipments put it on a path to sell less than 15 million units in 2016.

World number three smartphone maker, Huawei, has made a bold prediction, saying it plans to surpass Apple as the second-biggest smartphone player in the world in three years and leapfrog Samsung by 2021

Huawei is releasing virtual reality (VR) devices this year, including a headset and a flagship phone that will support the technology.

SOURCE – ICinsight, CNBC, Huawei