Germany unveils new 130 mm tank gun that is 50% better than previous 120mm version

Rheinmetall unveiled the new L/51 130mm tank gun currently undergoing company testing. The new weapon provides 50 percent improvement in performance, over the current 120 mm cannon. It is intended for use in a new class of main battle tanks, or as an upgrading of existing tanks.

The new 130 mm gun is a precondition for the future tank, known as ‘Main Ground Combat System’ (MGCS) being developed by Germany. MGCS is currently being developed by Germany and France as a future replacement for the Leopard 2 and Leclerc main battle tanks, considering the increasing threat posed by Russian systems such as the Armata (T-14) MBTs.

Photo: Noam Eshel, Defense-Update

New ammunition designed for the L/51 cannon include high performance kinetic rounds – Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot – (APFSDS), and high explosive, air-bursting munitions (HE-ABM). Both are derived from existing types designed for the L44/55 120mm guns. Photo: Noam Eshel, Defense-Update

SOURCES- Defense Update