NVIDIA, NYU Join Forces to Use Deep Learning for Autonomous Driving

Nvidia is teaming up with New York University and its pioneering deep learning team to start a research collaboration at our new auto tech office in New Jersey.

NYU’s researchers will work with NVIDIA scientists and engineers to create groundbreaking autonomous driving technology. The collaboration between NVIDIA, a leader in deep learning infrastructure and tools, and NYU’s world-class deep-learning faculty will accelerate the development of autonomous vehicles.

The team will extend the current NVIDIA learning system to encompass all aspects of autonomous driving. A key aspect of the approach is eliminating the need for hand-programmed rules and procedures — such as finding lane markings, guardrails or other cars. This avoids the creation of a near infinite number of “if, then, else” statements, which is impractical to code when trying to account for the randomness that occurs on the road.

Teaming again in this joint venture will be Urs Muller, chief architect-autonomous driving at NVIDIA, NYU Professor Yann LeCun, a deep learning pioneer and inventor of learned convolutional neural networks, and Larry Jackel, machine learning advisor for NVIDIA and a former DARPA program manager.

SOURCES – Nvidia