Blackhawk helicopter replacements will have twice the speed and range and will have first flights in 2017

The Bell V-280 Valor and the Boeing SB1 Defiant are being developed as replacementsf or the Blackhawk helicopter.

The Bell V-280 Valor is a third-generation tilt-rotor concept being developed by Bell Helicopter and Lockheed Martinfor the United States Army’s Future Vertical Lift (FVL) program. Bell and Lockheed claim an AV-280 variant can launch rockets, missiles, and even small unmanned aerial vehicles forward or aft with no rotor interference, even in forward flight and cruise modes with the rotors forward.

Sikorsky Aircraft and Boeing are jointly producing a medium-lift-sized demonstrator they call SB-1 Defiant for phase one of the program. It is to fly in 2017 and will be evaluated by the Army for further development. Sikorsky is leading the development of phase one with an aircraft based on their previous Sikorsky X2 design

The V-280 is reported to be designed for a cruising speed of 280 knots (320 mph; 520 km/h) a top speed of 300 knots (350 mph; 560 km/h), a range of 2,100 nautical miles (2,400 mi; 3,900 km), and an effective combat range of 500 to 800 nmi (580 to 920 mi; 930 to 1,480 km)

The Blackhawk has a maximum speed of 183 mph (cruising speed of 170 mph) and a combat radius of 368 miles.

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