Canada has bionic knee brace that stores and returns energy to help soldiers lift over 100 pounds and is like the Dark Knight Rises Knee Brace made real

Spring Loaded Technology announces that it has completed its initial delivery of 60 UpShot™ bionic knee braces to the Department of National Defence as part of its $1M (CAD) contract awarded under the Build in Canada Innovation Program with the Canadian Army as the testing department. Powerful enough to help lift more than 100 pounds of body weight when worn on both knees, the military-grade braces use a liquid spring technology that absorbs shock and reduces impact on soldiers’ knees. Upon full completion of its contract, Spring Loaded Technology will have provided a total of 190 knee braces to the Canadian military for field testing.

Field testing of the UpShot™ Knee Braces will be supervised by Major Edward Jun from the Directorate of Land Requirement. Major Jun and his team will put the knee braces through rigorous testing to demonstrate UpShot’s™ integration with soldiers’ gear.

“Spring Loaded Technology’s UpShot™ promises to reduce muscle fatigue, enhance strength and performance, and protect against knee injuries—all of which are of great benefit to soldiers required to handle heavy lifting and rugged terrain. Modern militaries around the world are facing similar human factors challenges, in that we’re asking soldiers to carry more equipment in order to achieve greater capabilities during missions. At the same time, technological advances with respect to material sciences has plateaued in reducing the weight of soldier equipment such as helmets, body armour and small arms. Trialing a state-of-the art knee brace technology will help us close the gap between the soldiers’ effectiveness on the battlefield and their ability to bear heavy loads with their own strength,” said Major Jun. “We’re looking forward to testing how it performs in field conditions, and training areas across the country.”

Spring Loaded Technology has also created a commercial version of the military-grade UpShot™, the Levitation™ Knee Brace. Unlike other braces on the market, the Levitation™ Knee Brace improves strength, mobility and endurance by storing energy as the leg bends and returning that energy as the leg straightens. Currently available for pre-order on the Spring Loaded Technology website ($2,380 CAD), shipping to consumers will begin in September 2016.

“While UpShot™ is built to withstand extreme military impact and expedite rehabilitation for injured soldiers, the Levitation™ knee brace will help consumers utilize similar technology in their own day-to-day lives,” said Chris Cowper-Smith, CEO of Spring Loaded Technology. “With power-output similar to that found in $100,000 powered exoskeletons, it’s the first knee brace of its kind that can help average people crouch, walk or jump free from pain.”

Levitation is lightweight (about two pounds or less than the weight of a pair of boots), fits under your clothing, and has quick release strapping so you can easily put your brace on and take it off.

Levitation’s unique bionic hinge stores energy as you bend your leg and returns that energy as you straighten your leg. The result is a product that is carefully designed to augment leg muscle strength, reduce fatigue, prevent injury, and restore mobility

Bruce Wayne Knee Brace from Dark Knight Rises

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