Carnival of Space 466

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The Space writer – Juno arrives at Jupiter and the team creates a cinematic view that evokes ancient earth history. The Spacewriter explores that video and its meanings.

Planetaria – Does Pluto have a subsurface ocean? New research says probably

Nextbigfuture – 23 light years away is a brown dwarf (W0607+24) which is a source of radio emissions. According to a research paper published July 4, this substellar object showcases quiescent radio emission, making it one of the most radio-faint, ultra-cool dwarfs yet detected. The discovery of this process in this nearby object could be crucial for our understanding of this process in ultracool dwarfs in general.

The object is less than two billion years old, has a maximum mass of about 0.055 solar masses and a radius approximately of 0.1 solar radii.

Nextbigfuture – Simulations suggest Saturn’s moon Titan might have non-water based life

A team of researchers at Cornell University has built and run a simulation that showed prebiotic reactions could possibly occur on the surface of one of Saturn’s moons, Titan, suggesting the possibility of life evolving in a place where it is too cold for water to be a factor. The team describes the simulation they created in response to the discovery (by the Huygens probe) that polymers such as polyimine might have already developed on the moon’s surface.

Recent evidence has suggested that some chemical reactions could lead to types of life forms where there is no water, which further suggests that it may exist outside of what is now considered the habitual zone.