Games ripe for Augmented Reality Game Adaptations

There are several video games that seem well suited for a Pokemon Go style augmented reality version.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is a treasure hunting game. An augmented reality trinket hunting game would be an excellent addition to the Uncharted family. Search neighborhoods for hidden idols, secret maps, and more. All your finds would be documented in your trusty journal, with all the fun notes and information we’ve come to enjoy while globe trotting as Nathan Drake.

In the game Watch Dogs, where you’re a hacker wanted by authorities, and have to work alongside (or against) opposing syndicates through cyber-espionage. An AR version of Watch Dogs would see you choose a hacker handle, then head out into a hyper-connected version of your city, seen through your smartphone. We’re imagining a very player-versus-player game here, with turf war battles, puzzle challenges to claim locations by “hacking” them, and all other kinds of gray-hat goodness.

Jonathan Blow’s critically acclaimed puzzle game, the Witness, would be a slightly different experience as an augmented reality game. Instead of wandering a mysterious island, players would be able to wander the streets of their local neighborhoods, solving puzzles and racking up points on local, national, and global leaderboards. There might be larger group puzzles that require three or more people, and some might require you to walk through a large portion of the city to “trace” a correct path in order to solve more massive mazes. Completing a specific number of puzzles across every major geographical region might trigger an in-game event made for the whole world to solve…

Fallout already has a mobile game in Fallout Shelter, but we’d love to be able to lift our smartphones and see our very own Wasteland take shape as we walk around town. You’d choose a faction, and run quests for them, ranging from taking out a few bloatflies to teaming up with other Lone Wanderers and bringing down a deathclaw that’s been lurking in your ‘hood. Over time, the game can create large-scale scenarios that individual players can contribute to in order to beat them, and the factions can go to war if specific criteria are met.