Google Fi covering 97% of international destinations of american tourists with 10X faster data speeds at no added charge to $10/GB plan

When you’re traveling abroad, your phone is an essential tool – for finding a great restaurant, posting pics of your trip online, or translating a sign. But the data we have access to when traveling abroad often isn’t fast or affordable enough to let us do the tasks that matter most. Which could be why only 20% of Americans opt to use their cellular data when traveling internationally, instead choosing to jump between Wi-Fi hotspots or scramble for a local SIM card.

Starting today, all Project Fi subscribers have access to high speed data in 135+ destinations. With the addition of Three to the Project Fi network, we’re now able to deliver speeds 10-20X faster than before. And, just as before, there are no extra fees for using data internationally – you pay the same $10/GB that you do at home.

We’re also now offering more coverage internationally, with service in more than a dozen additional countries totaling 135+ destinations worldwide. Fi customers now have access to high speed data in over 97% of the places Americans travel internationally.

Project Fi is offering $150 off the Nexus 6P for the next week when you buy and activate with Project Fi.

SOURCE- Google