In the next year, two, three, four, five there will be significant breakthroughs for certain types of cancers

VP Joe Biden says that there are overwhelming prospect that in the next year, two, three, four, five, you’re going to see significant breakthroughs for certain types of cancers.

$1 billion has been funded for the white house moonshot cancer initiative.

We already have a cervical cancer vaccine for boys and girls.

Liquid biopsies will soon be identifying markers in the blood for early diagnosis of cancer.

Only 4 percent of the people get in trials of experimental drugs and treatment. One of the things the VP is working really hard on is to have one database where you can go to for entering trials.

Currently the national cancer institute (NCI) has a list of NCI supported trials.

Other places to look for lists of cancer clinical trials include:, which is part of the National Library of Medicine, lists clinical trials for cancer and many other diseases and conditions. It contains trials that are in NCI’s list of cancer trials as well as trials sponsored by pharmaceutical or biotech companies that may not be on NCI’s list.

Cancer Centers and Clinics that Conduct Cancer Clinical Trials

Many cancer centers across the United States, including NCI-Designated Cancer Centers, sponsor or take part in cancer clinical trials. The websites of these centers usually have a list of the clinical trials taking place at their institutions. Some of the trials included in these lists may not be on NCI’s list.

Keep in mind that the amount of information about clinical trials on these websites can vary. You may have to contact a cancer center clinical trials office to get more information about the trials that interest you.

Drug and Biotechnology Companies

Many companies provide lists of the clinical trials that they sponsor on their websites. Sometimes, a company’s website may refer you to the website of another organization that helps the company find patients for its trials. The other organization may be paid fees for this service.

The website of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) includes a list of its member companiesExit Disclaimer, many of which sponsor cancer clinical trials. PhRMA is a trade organization that represents drug and biotechnology companies in the United States.

Clinical Trial Listing Services

Some organizations provide lists of clinical trials as a part of their business. These organizations generally do not sponsor or take part in clinical trials. Some of them may receive fees from drug or biotechnology companies for listing their trials or helping find patients for their trials.

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