New Hearable Wearables predicted to be over $15 billion market by 2020

Samsung just introduced hearable wearables devices will at least get a mass-market introduction. Hearables will help people of normal hearing by enhancing their ability to hear in the presence of noise.

WiFore Consulting predicts that hearables will be the fastest growing wearable market, exploding upward to over $16 billion by 2020. The reason is that hearing is perhaps the most important sense — even more than vision. Ask any videographer and they will confirm that a good audio track trumps the video track, which users will forgive for glitches if the audio track is pristine.

The Dash, $299 made by Bragi —a $3 million Kickstarter) won last year’s CES Best Innovation Award, but has only become widely available this year.

The Dash uses balanced armature speakers, which don’t push air—the same kind used in hearing aids. However, unlike your garden variety hearing aid, which lacks adequate bass when listening to music over Bluetooth, Knowles balanced armature speakers aim to outperform conventional air-pushing moving-coil “cone” speakers