Pokemon Go is getting Chat application and a dedicated dating site

Pokemon Go is getting a third party chat application and a dedicated dating site.

Razer announced a new mobile and computer messenger app for Pokémon Go that it says will interface seamlessly into the popular Android and iOS game and support team colors, a variety of chat modes and eventually pop-up chat room beacons.

The web browser version of RazerGo is set to go live this about 10 p.m. ET this evening on go.razerzone.com and the Android and iOS versions are scheduled to go live on July 25, 2016 or sooner.

Pokemon Go players can get ready to hatch your little Pokemon

There is a new service PokeDates which promises to match you with fellow players of the phenomenally popular game.

Answer some questions about yourself and your Pokemon preferences, and the site will match you with a fellow player. You’ll then be sent to a gym or pokestop to meet your potential PokeParamour. Whether you win your date’s heart is up to you

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