Robotic carryon suitcase can be ridden like a mini-segway

Olive Robotics has the world’s first intelligent suitcase that can communicate with your smart phone and share its weight and position. It has a self-locking system with NFC technology help your baggage security everywhere. It can see you through its 3D vision sensor and follow you when you are walking.

It has nimble movement using two-wheel self-balancing active locomotion system help you to be faster and also It can be a scooter-case and able to carry you. It is your personal robotic companion during the travel.

Olive is the brainchild of Iran-based Ikap Robotics, and although it may look like a standard piece of luggage, it has a Segway-like, self-balancing auto-locomotion system that maintains stability while riding on two wheels by using 3D accelerometers and gyroscopes. With an in-built stereoscopic camera, it can build up a visual map of its surroundings and follow its owner using skeleton tracker algorithms that is claimed to allow Olive to distinguish individuals even in crowded environments.