Carnival of Space 473

1. Universe Today New Visualization Of Waves In Saturn’s Rings Puts You In The Keeler Gap

2. Universe Today – 5 Days, 2 Spectacular Conjunctions

3. Universe Today – A History Of Violence: Iron Found in Fossils Suggests Supernova Role In Mass Dying

4. Urban Astronomer – One of modern astronomy’s most enduring hoaxes comes around every year in August. Every year, we get asked by friends and family if it is true that Mars will appear as big as the Moon in the sky. This article from Urban Astronomer takes a closer look at what’s going on.

5. Forbes- Making Space Great Again’ Through Commercial Partnerships

6. Blasting News – Sen, Marco Rubio calls on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to support NASA space

7. Blasting News – It turns out that NASA’s Space Launch System is not too expensive to fly

8. Blasting News – Buzz Aldrin explains why NASA should return to the moon on the Journey to Mars

9. Blasting News – Are space settlements and exploiting extraterrestrial resources ‘immoral’

10. Blasting News – NASA announces the Space Robotics Challenge

11. Planetaria – Pale Red Dot: Astronomers discover potentially habitable exoplanet orbiting nearest star

12. Here at Links through Space we introduce a series of 7 articles on the Age of Astronomy.

This series focuses on tangible evidence such as relics, artifacts, astronomical alignments and star maps that establishes the age of Astronomy.
Follow our Ancient Astronomy Series: THE AGE OF ASTRONOMY.
Read the posts and find out the true age of astronomy. 2/7 : Relics: Abù Bakr Ibn Yùsuf’s medieval Moroccan astrolabes. 1216AD

13. Nextbigfuture – Made in Space won the Singularity University Grand Challenge in space

Made in Space is the only organization ever in history to have the capability to manufacture off planet Earth.

The space industry has been bottlenecked for over 55 years due to the fact that everything we put in space has to launch on a rocket. By manufacturing in space, we can build objects that are far bigger than can fit into a rocket and unlock new mission opportunities. For instance, 100+ meter size antennas made in space can provide global broadband internet directly to personal devices. MIS has over $30mm in NASA, government, and commercial contracts bringing this vision to reality.

Their Mission: Industrial processing and manufacturing in space frees Earth from pollution and provides abundance as our technology needs advance.

14. Nextbigfuture – Interstellar Starshot Project Update

A few days ago Centauri Dreams Paul Glister was at the Breakthrough Starshot meetings

Starshot engineering activities are targeting a 20% of lightspeed mission to Alpha Centauri. Kevin Parkin leads the subcommittee has oversight over a systems team that will conduct system engineering, modeling and integration activities.

15. Nextbigfuture – Follow up on HD164595 signal

Here is a follow up to the report of a SETI signal detected on May 15, 2015 by a radio telescope operated by the Russian Academy of Science. It appeared to come from the star HD 164595, a sun-like star located roughly 95 light-years from Earth. The system has only one known planet: a warm Neptune, so called because it is gaseous like Neptune but orbits its star in only 40 days. But the star probably has other planets — perhaps rocky ones.

If the signal was produced by intelligent aliens with a beacon transmitting radio waves in all directions, the energy it would need to produce 10^20 watts

If instead the beacon was targeted at Earth, then the power needed drops to 10^13 watts

Before astronomers jump to any conclusion, they’re attempting to detect the signal again. Last night, the SETI Institute used the Allen Telescope Array in northern California to track the star. They saw nothing, but will observe again tonight.

Some astronomers think that it could have been a earth produced military signal given the frequency range.

16. Nextbigfuture – Moon Express to mine hydroxyl from the moon and provide it to fuel orbital and other space missions

The amount of hydroxyl on the lunar surface is considerable, roughly 10 million tonnes at any instant, and much more over the Moon’s history. OH/H2O inside the Moon is also huge, estimated as 40 trillion to quadrillions of tonnes; with presumably only a small fraction ever reaching the PSRs (where about one billion tonnes reside). A reasonable estimate of water ever delivered to the lunar surface by comets and asteroids is 0.1–6 trillion tonnes, with perhaps 10–100 billion tonnes not lost to ionization on impact.

Moon Express plans to create a robotic lunar hydroxyl mining machine. It will fill a small fuel tank then it will launch into lunar orbit.

A second lunar robot lander will use the lunar orbit fuel to lower the cost.

Then there will two robotic lunar lander-miners

This will continue to four then eight lunar landers and a large lunar orbit fuel depot.

Then when the setup is large enough a lunar fuel depot will be towed to low earth orbit where it will be a low earth or other earth orbit fuel depot where it can sold to other companies and missions.