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President and co-founder of Doblin Inc, Larry Keeley has worked for thirty years to develop more effective innovation methods to help teams succeed at the toughest innovations they try to pursue. Doblin is now a unit of Deloitte Consulting LLP, where Keeley is a Managing Director.

BusinessWeek named Keeley one of seven Innovation Gurus that are changing the field, and specifically cited Doblin for having many of the most sophisticated tools for delivering

innovation effectiveness. Recently, they also selected Keeley as one of the 27 most influential designers in the world.

In frequent demand as a speaker and facilitator, Keeley has worked with scores of the world’s largest companies to build their signature innovation competences, and with startup firms trying to change some smaller part of the world. He has done path breaking philanthropy work too, bringing innovation to bear on global poverty, education, food, or healthcare challenges. Along the way he pioneered the use of social science research, deep innovation protocols, and critical theories, like Ten Types of Innovation, Platforms, Convergences, and deep approaches to business model innovation. Keeley’s book Ten Types of Innovation, codifies much of the research and tradecraft that drives effective innovation, is available at Amazon here.

Keeley teaches graduate innovation strategy classes at the Institute of Design in Chicago, the first design school in the U.S. with a Ph.D. program, where he is also a board member. He lectures in executive education programs at Kellogg Graduate School of Management and is an adjunct faculty member for their core MBA and their Masters of Manufacturing Management programs and where he was recently named a Distinguished Fellow. He also lectures at University of Chicago and other business schools worldwide. Keeley was a Senior Fellow of the Center for Business Innovation, in Boston. He was also a board member for Chicago Public Radio, helping build it as an innovation engine for public radio across the US—and fostering “This American Life” and other path breaking new radio programs and media innovations.

Explore ten types of innovation

Metrics throughout the firm
incentive for leaders to sponsor growth
high potential young people to author growth
70% hit rate

Regular hit rate innovation has less than a 5% hit rate

Platforms matter and not products
Platforms are adaptable

Breakthrough use at least 5 types of innovation

Need business model

Make yourself the center of an ecosystem

Discussed the huge success of amazon prime

Charge $79 and give $90 in services but increased sales 150%.
Amazon earns $78 per prime member after factoring in increased sales

GE Predix engine

Deloitte – Business Ecosystems come of age
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