Halo Sport Brain Stimulator boosts and accelerates strength and skill gains by up to half the time needed for gains

The US Military accelerated pilot and sniper training by 50% with neurotechnology similar to Halo Sport. We’re bringing these gains to athletics.

Neuropriming uses pulses of energy to increase the excitability of motor neurons, benefiting athletes in two ways: accelerated strength and skill acquisition.

Halo Sport is a training device that accelerates gains in skill, strength, explosiveness and endurance when paired with athletic training. Halo Sport stimulates the brain’s motor cortex, resulting in stronger, more optimized signals from the brain to the muscles. Similar to a pre-workout meal that primes the body for a productive training session, Halo Sport primes the brain to prepare you for your most effective workout.

Halo Sport works through a process called Neuropriming. Athletes wear Halo Sport before or during training, and the device’s soft foam Primers deliver electrical stimulation to the brain’s motor cortex. This increases neuroplasticity, which accelerates the optimization of neuromuscular circuitry through training. Improved neuromuscular output leads to more precise, coordinated, and/or explosive movement — whichever the athlete targets during training.

Halo Sport works best when worn during your warm-up right before the most intense part of your workout. First, put on Halo Sport just like any other pair of headphones. Next, begin your 20-minute Neuropriming session with one quick tap on the Halo Sport mobile app. During your session, and for about 60 minutes after, is the period where your brain adapts to training most effectively. During this timeframe, you should focus on high-quality and high-intensity reps. If you’re a relative beginner, you’ll likely see improvement after just a few Neuropriming sessions. Elite athletes will generally see results after two weeks.

Most people call it a mild tingling sensation. Many athletes compare the feeling to the sensation elicited by muscle stimulators. Some people have a hard time knowing that the stimulator is even on.

Halo Sport brain enhancer will retail for $649

The Problem: Gains left on the table

Signals sent from the brain to muscles are often transmitted with submaximal organization and strength—especially when an athlete is fatigued.

The Solution : Halo Sport + Neuropriming

Pulses of energy improve the brain’s response to training, enabling the motor cortex to send stronger, more synchronous signals to muscles. Improved neuromuscular signaling means athletes get more from each rep.

The Result: Increased Strength

More robust signaling increases motor unit recruitment, so more muscle fibers are activated during training. With this increase, gains in strength are seen more rapidly.

The Result: Skill Acquisition

Recruiting muscle fiber is only part of the equation. From golf swings to deadlifts, perfecting form and technique is essential.

Neuropriming™ heightens the brain’s natural processes for acquiring new and honing existing athletic skills.