Harvest is the winner of the 2016 Singularity University Food Grand Challenge Prize #gsummit

Singularity University Grand challenge for Food end state goal – Consumption of sufficient, safe and nutritious food to maintain healthy and active lives for all people at all times

Harvest is the winner of the 2016 Singularity University Food Grand Challenge Prize

475 million farmers have poor or no access to financial instruments like crop insurance or loan, and we enable and accelerate access by providing data.

We enable financial inclusion for farmers in emerging world, by providing agricultural data intelligence to banks and governments.

Our Mission: Millions of farmers globally would get access to affordable financial instruments (insurance & loans) for first time, saving their lives and livelihood.

Other Candidates

ImpactVision is taking rocket science and turning it into pocket science, empowering businesses and people to see beyond the borders of human vision.

ImpactVision’s hyperspectral software will fully disrupt the way quality control in food processing is conducted, and our tool can ultimately be integrated into appliances and consumer devices, like smartphones. Food quality will then be assessed by consumers in real-time, revolutionising the way food producers, distributors and retailers operate. For now, we are working on optimising supply chains, starting with the meat industry, to enable a shift towards more sustainable animal agriculture.

Our Mission: Reducing food fraud, estimated to cost upwards of $40bn annually. Reducing food waste, estimated to be worth $1trillion annually.

Zenvus is the first company that created farm sensors that can work in any location. It has WIFI, GSM and Satellite connectivity.

Zenvus Smartfarm is an intelligent solution for farms that uses electronics sensors to collect soil data like moisture, pH etc and wirelessly send them to cloud via GSM, satellite or Wifi. Algorithms analyze the data and advice farmers on what, how and when to farm. Also, it uses special cameras to build vegetative health of the farm for pest and diseases. We make farming data-driven over guesswork. Zenvus supports services like agro-lending, -insurance and -auction using data from hardware.

Our Mission: Our pilots have proven that farmers can double yield with the deployment of our technology. If this is scaled globally, more people will be fed.

Worms Inc. provides the platform of tomorrow for innovative animal and human protein production via high-throughput insect-based organic waste.

Worms Inc. invented a biotechnological production unit which primarily focuses on on-site processing and neutralizing diverse organic waste without any selection, in order to turn them into protein powder for later usage as sports and dietary supplements. The primary goal is to sell to China and the ASEAN region due to cultural acceptance, market readiness and supportive regulations. Protein can also be manufactured for the EU, in case of processing plant waste with proper quality.

Our Mission: WormsInc. solves the crucial problem of worldwide organic waste accumulation(1.3 Bn. tons/y.)and worldwide protein shortage (925 Mn. people affected).

Emerald Kingdom Greenhouses

Technological advancements in agriculture should not cost astronomical prices we strive to create products with affordable access points.

We strive to make affordable and effective agricultural solutions that are easy to install and connect. We specialize in simple automatic light deprivation systems allowing efficient photoperiod control to maximize photoperiodic plant production cycles. Allowing many crops to be harvested multiple times annually.

Our Mission: To create a balanced nutrition system accessible to all humans.