Made in Space wins the Singularity University Grand Challenge in space #gsummit

Singularity University Grand Challenge in space end goal is Safe and Equitable use and stweardship of space resources and technologies for the benefit of humanity and our future as a multi-planetary species

Made in Space has won the Singularity University Grand Challenge in space

Made in Space is the only organization ever in history to have the capability to manufacture off planet Earth.

The space industry has been bottlenecked for over 55 years due to the fact that everything we put in space has to launch on a rocket. By manufacturing in space, we can build objects that are far bigger than can fit into a rocket and unlock new mission opportunities. For instance, 100+ meter size antennas made in space can provide global broadband internet directly to personal devices. MIS has over $30mm in NASA, government, and commercial contracts bringing this vision to reality.

Our Mission: Industrial processing and manufacturing in space frees Earth from pollution and provides abundance as our technology needs advance.

In 2015, the International Space Station’s 3-D printer manufactured the first 3-D printed object in space, paving the way to future long-term space expeditions. The object, a printhead faceplate, is engraved with names of the organizations that collaborated on this space station technology demonstration: NASA and Made In Space, Inc., the space manufacturing company that worked with NASA to design, build and test the 3-D printer.

Other Candidates

Mars City Design has the thought leadership towards human aspects of SUSTAINABLE living surpassing “survivability” and attaining actual human cultural living.

Mars City Design provides an innovative design platform for exponential solutions towards sustainable living on Mars. Our multidisciplinary approach envisions what life will need for future humans living as multi-planetary species.
The synergistic disciplines of STEM, art, and architecture will re-invent new life-styles by opening a new dynamic in commercialization of the space industry.
Design what you love, we will take it to Mars!

Our Mission: For life to live better on Earth while solving the grand challenge of living off planet and becoming a more responsible species to our environment.

Fiat Physica is a crowdfunding platform devoted to the advancement of physics, astronomy and space exploration.

Tomorrow’s technology will be based on today’s research. Unfortunately, scientists don’t have the time or skills required to fundraise, and the public doesn’t always understand the importance of fundamental research. Crowdfunding has recently emerged as a successful means of fundraising, but which scientists have not yet taken advantage of. Fiat Physica connects physics and space enthusiasts to researchers and entrepreneurs seeking support for projects that will shape the future of humankind.

Our Mission: Campaigns on Fiat Physica bring awareness to these fields and important projects, and pave the way for future technology.

Hypercubes is developing the first teraflop computer for small satellite systems, to enable AI, Data-Mining and other capabilities never previously possible.

Hypercubes is providing actionable intelligence on the impact of climate change on the global economy. Hypercubes has demonstrated the ability to combined Hyper spectral sensors with teraflop computing on small satellite systems, making possible previously unattainable data-mining, artificial intelligence networks and other computational-intensive processes. These capabilities enable Hypercubes satellites to conduct chemical analysis of the earth on a pixel by pixel basis.

Our Mission: To ensure our continued growth as a species adapt in a Changing Climate by providing a new way to measure how the environment impacts us.