Microrocket will launch 100 ties per year by 2021

Vector is the first launch vehicle built exclusively for the Micro Satellite market. This vehicle is “right-sized” for the new generation of Micro Satellites and enables reliable and frequent access to orbit. Initial Operations Capability will be 12 launches per year in 2019 with 100 launches at Full Operational Capability.

By 2021 Vector plans to launch as many as 100 of its 13-meter-tall Wolverine vehicles annually, with a capability to put a 50kg satellite into low-Earth orbit. The company aims to fill a niche below the current generation of launchers being developed by companies such as RocketLab and Virgin Galactic, with rockets capable of delivering 200 to 250kg satellites to low-Earth orbit.

Vector’s larger goal is a platform for Space App Developers allowing you to concentrate on developing your solutions and not worrying about procuring launches and satellites. We believe that you, the satellite developer and operator, would rather focus on your core innovations than solving launch problems. Next time you launch, leave the transportation to us and Vector will be ready when you are.

Mass To Orbit
45 kg to 28 degree orbit
35 kg to 98 degree orbit