Pre:lude has $100 million in funding to address infertility #gsummit

Our bodies are not in synch with our lives. Women are having babies too late.

Prelude will offer the latest technology in fertility preservation, genetic diagnosis and IVF to increase your chances of having a healthy child when the time is right.

Prelude offers different payment plans and financing options that adapt to your needs, providing the best solution for patients with limited or no health insurance.

Prelude helps you determine and reduce your chances of passing on genetic diseases to your children*, allowing you to make an informed decision about your parenthood.

Fertility drops as we age

20s  1 in 10 couples are infertile [actually men are the main infertility problem in the 20s]
30s  1 in 6 couples are infertile
During the 40s every couple is infertile, but chance of live birth with frozen donor eggs is over 90% after 3 cycles

Of the women who never had children. Only 4% had that as a plan. 33% of women never have children. So almost 32% wanted to have children. And the usual number of children that they had wanted was on average 2.7

Prelude says freeze your eggs and freeze sperm. Do not freeze embyros because marriages may not last.