Russia developing combat lasers with a main focus on blinding optoelectronic sensors

Russia’s Defense Ministry has revealed that the military has commissioned several new types of laser weaponry. RIA Novosti spoke to a number of Russian military experts to find out what these advanced weapons may be capable of.

A powerful laser system mounted on an Il-76, a multi-purpose four-engine turbofan strategic airlifter, will be able to counter enemy reconnaissance systems. It is guaranteed to disrupt optoelectronic equipment and field sensors operating in the infrared range in space, at sea, and on land.

The US is focused on using lasers to counter drones and missiles. Russia is looking at anti-sensor lasers as well as some anti-missile lasers.

Russian Armed Forces might have already passed into service the laser systems for jamming tank armament command systems.

Lasers will blind the optical intelligence equipment and fire control sight systems as well as some command and communication systems

SOURCES- Sputnik News