Sept 17 attempt to jump Snake River in a rocket bike

Eddie Braun is going to jump that Snake River canyon in a rocket bike – an almost perfect replica of the one Evel rode 42 years ago.

The new bike, the Evel Spirit, has been built according to Bob Truax’s original blueprints; an emotional journey for Scott, who spent many hours working with his father’s original sketches, notes and calculations, as well as visiting the Evel Knievel museum in Canada where he measured “every nut, bolt and rivet” on the original test rocket. Building the Evel Spirit has been very much an exercise in walking in his father’s footprints, and Truax hopes to prove his father’s original design would have done the job if the ‘chute didn’t let go.

It’s a steam-powered rocket, slated to produce 6,000 pounds of thrust and some 10,000 horsepower as it blasts Braun upwards to 400 mph (644 km/h) in about 5 seconds

The jump is scheduled for September 17 at the original launch spot near Twin Falls, Idaho, there’s a Kickstarter in effect to help defray the costs